How To Save Over 75% on Coastal Vacations – Travel – and Entertainment

With school season almost over and the summer approaching, families from all over the country are planning what they are going to do this summer. Parents are now pondering their options to find out what activities are best for their children to get involved in while out of school. The Coastal Vacations packages offer families valuable vacations all over the world and discount membership cards for entertainment and sports activities such as golf, RVing, camps, dining, hotels, condos, and more.

One of the best ways to find summer activities and vacations at a discount rate is online. The internet is loaded with great information for the traveler. Web users have found that there’s no need to pay retail for anything, especially in the competitive travel industry, when they can find amazing deals everyday online. One of the best deals out there can be found by researching Coastal Vacations and its amazing travel packages.

Coastal Vacations offers three different packages. The first package is called the Resort Package, and members get $15,000 worth of cruises and bonus vacations and over 20 membership cards that can be easily used away from home as well as in the members’ living areas. All members have to do is to activate the cards, type in the zip code where they want to find dining, entertainment and/or lodging, and print out the exclusive coupon that shows up on the website. This package is sold for a lot less than what it’s worth.

It is well known that a vacation away from home is ideal for relaxation and putting thoughts together. A family vacation is a great way to enjoy quality time with the family while getting away from the routine and recharge. In the Coastal Vacations packages you will find activities for the whole family and all age groups to enjoy. One of the best additions to the Coastal Vacations packages is the free cruises that come with it.

On the Level 1 Coastal Vacations package, club members get five free Carnival cruises. One of these is already activated and must be taken within a year of the package purchase. The rest of them can be taken anytime. It is a lifetime membership, so there’s no expiration dates on any of the vacations or cruises. These are also great to give away to friends and family or as business incentives.

The Level 2 Coastal Vacations package includes unlimited free cruises and bonus vacations for life. For the ones that just love travel and adventure, Coastal Vacations also has a Level 3 package with unlimited free all-inclusive resorts stays for life. Members just pay their room taxes plus a $6.95 shipping fee.

It is important to note that these are not timeshares and members are not required to attend any presentations; just great vacations that are available from individuals and families this summer season for their enjoyment and pleasure. With the Coastal Vacations packages, anybody is sure to find activities and vacations that suit their wildest desires and needs. There’s a lot to choose from and a lifetime of vacations to enjoy!


A Rugged Desert Outback Trek and Adventure: The Spur Cross Ranch Trail, Elephant Mountain Loop Hike

Plenty of sunny days, mild temperatures and absolutely beautiful weather is really what Arizona is most famous for with the fall and winter months being the peak season for attracting millions of visitors from all over the U.S. and the world each year. Here in the central and southern regions of the state of Arizona, the fall and winter months are especially popular and “primetime” for hiking and getting out to enjoy the gorgeous Sonoran desert scenery and rugged mountain vistas. If you’re looking for an excellent place to go within the Phoenix area that’s beautiful and serene, a little less traveled and off the beaten path, and if you’re up for a great work out and more of a desert outback trek and adventure then check out the Spur Cross Trail-Elephant Mountain Loop hike, the Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area, Cave Creek, Arizona.

The beautiful Spur Cross Ranch Conservation area just north of Cave Creek is absolutely one of my favorite places to getaway and hike without having to travel very far from Phoenix. It’s a beautiful yet very quiet and serene desert retreat where you can view wildlife, visit ancient Hohokam Indian Ruins, or just take in the beautiful desert mountain scenery. The Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area, which centers around the riparian habitat of Cave Creek, consists of roughly 2,154 acres of undisturbed desert wilderness territory bordered to the north by the Tonto National Forest and only began in 2004, so its not widely known or visited. I hike the mostly easy-moderate trail system at Spur Cross Ranch every year and when I saw that the TLC Hiking Group, led and organized by Eric Kinneman, was planning on hiking out to Elephant Mountain, a 7.4 mile moderate level hike and loop, I was absolutely thrilled.

So on a beautiful October weekend morning, I met up with a few friends and fellow TLC Hiking Group members and together we set out for the Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area. From North Phoenix we headed out I-17 North to the exit for Carefree Highway (aka State Route 74), then hung a right and headed east for about 8.5 miles until we reached Cave Creek Road. At Cave Creek road, we turned left and headed north into the town of Cave Creek, for roughly about 3 miles until we came to Spur Cross Ranch Road. We made a left and drove the beautiful 4.5 miles through the rolling foot hills of the residential Cave Creek neighborhood, until we reached the end with the last 1.5 miles of Spur Cross Ranch Road an all dirt, but well graded road in very good condition and passable for regular vehicles.

We met Eric Kinneman, and the TLC Hiking Group at 8am at the Spur Cross Ranch Conservation area parking lot and by 8:15 am, after a quick briefing and paying the $3 required park use fee at the kiosk and self pay station, we were quickly off on our day’s outback hiking adventure.

Beginning from the parking area we followed the Spur Cross Trail, an old jeep trail along the winding Cave Creek, which after about 1.5 miles drops down and crosses across the creek bottom, then continues on for a total of about 2.0 miles until you come to the “old corral”. We had been advised by Eric Kinneman prior to the hike of the importance of staying together as a group due to the most challenging aspect of this trail being the navigation and not missing the critical turn off points and getting lost in the desert wilderness. However, with Eric’s guidance, we made it successfully all together as a group, then swung a left on through the corral and onto TR 252, also known as the Limestone Trail.

From the corral, the further we journeyed out on TR 252, the more beautiful and spectacular the scenery and views got all around you. Wow! Surrounded by the Tonto National Forest and following a ridgeline with Sugar Loaf Mountain to the North, and no one else out on the trail, you really start to feel like you’re out somewhere really remote and backcountry which is really quite incredible and what I love most about hiking the Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area, because you are literally only minutes away of the Phoenix metro area. After stopping for a short break, I looked up and all around me and thought, wow how incredibly beautiful, and so peaceful and serene too!

With Eric leading the front end of the group and visible off in the distance about 1/4 mile, the rest of us remaining TLC members kept together and continued trekking on but in close communication with Eric via 2 way radio to help ensure that we would be able to find and make the next critical turn off point that being for Ring Neck Spring. By this time, the trail had become a little more challenging due to it being mostly “unmaintained” and harder to identify. You really need to pay close attention to where you are heading by this point as you continue on the Limestone Trail. There were several times when we thought we were on course but had actually ventured off the trail! However, with the help and assistance from Eric by radio communications, advising us of where and when to look for the hand built cairns to use as guides and trail markers, and with the help of another fellow friend and hiking member waiting for us to arrive, we successfully made the next critical turn off and with Elephant Mountain now straight in front of us, we were on course and venturing on our way to Ring Neck Spring.


Are You Ready For Travel And Adventure?

Delight, joy, freedom, turquoise waters, mesmerizing beauty, white sands, rain forest, snowboarding, passion for adventure, inspiring environments, natural wonders, unforgettable landscapes, swift rivers, exquisite dinning, shows, are words and expressions related to the joy of enjoying life when we travel.

Freedom is associated with the idea of success. Freedom is a measure of the level of success we achieve. And freedom means doing what we want when we want. Freedom is when we go wherever we want when we want.

We want to succeed because we want to become free to do what we want, go to places we dream about and enjoy the Life Style we want for us and those we care for.

Freedom means achieving the ultimate life experience of living the dream life style we crave for and deserve.

Deep discount travel, economy class, business and first class might be a measure of the level of achievement and freedom we enjoy.

All over the planet, from Australia, Asia to Europe and from Canada all the way to Patagonia, there are great places for us to enjoy, exquisite food, outdoor living, golf, tennis, snow, spas and much, much more.

Samoa, Tahiti, Bora Bora, the Caribbean and so many places full of history, color, flavor, festivals, narrow twisting old streets up to daring modern architecture, and a lot more.

Choose the activities, sports, events, skateboarding, snowboarding, windsurfing, fishing, skuba diving, skiing, marvelous sunrises and spectacular sunsets and more.

Success and achievement are about freedom. The way we travel, the places we go, are ways to show the level of success we have achieved. Travel is about life style.

Many of us are using the Internet to market our wares, we are working to become real success stories, with the purpose of leaving the rat race and achieve the freedom we want and deserve, and give our loved ones the life style we dream about.

As in brick and mortar business there are some who achieve great success by marketing online. However, there are quite a few awesome success stories amongst those of us who are using the internet to achieve our dreams.

Going from rice and ketchup to millionaire on line, or from selling used golf balls to creating a fully functional internet business in as little as six months are just examples of the possible outcomes of going the affiliate way and being successful online.

Going from a life of blood, sweat and tears onto a life of freedom, is our choice. Discovering the blueprint used by those who are achieving great success online, and following the successful strategies used by those who are achieving awesome results online is our choice.

Creating a life of stunning freedom while creating staggering paydays and residual, passive income is our choice. Being highly motivated, highly committed, is our choice if we want to become real success stories online.

Discovering how to either start or build an online business to jaw dropping levels of success in the next six to twelve months is our choice. It is not a matter of guess work. It is a matter of joining and following those success stories that motivate and guide us into the realms of the new frontiers of living with style.

Yes there is the corporate way. And the Internet game of building a business from scratch is not an easy task. The blood and guts, trial and error process, frequently is a long and frequently impossible way to financial freedom.

Is there a memorable vacation you do not want to forget? Do you remember a great safari? Have you been to a Caribbean cruise to bask in the summer sun? You Deserve a dream vacation. You deserve the best life has to offer for you and your family. ¿Are you ready to enjoy life?

Forget cheap family vacations, start planning that marvelous places where you and your family rejoice around a warm fire, a night full of starts, a romantic sublime night dinner bathed with champagne and flambée creppes.

Fantastic scenary, great beaches, plenty of action packed fun for the kids, meeting a family of bears or a great luxury Caribbean cruise are waiting for those of us, who are eager to plunge into new realms of achievement and freedom.

Either we got success by going the traditional corporate way or we are ready for the Internet challenge and dare ourselves to build our business into the realms of real freedom, by working wherever we want to be, and enjoying the luxury life style we deserve. Whatever the case, it is our choice.


Useful Travel and Vacation Safety Tips

In order to balance your life you need to unwind or relax once in a while. Traveling and vacation is one of the best ways to relax and reward yourself for working so hard. But of course you should be armed with travel and vacation safety knowledge to make sure you will come back home safely and happy. These tips will keep you safe while you are enjoying your trip.

Read the latest information about your destination. Check the travel health notices for the country or place that you want to visit. Some places are prone to diseases like malaria and natural disasters like earthquake and tsunamis. It is best to be prepared than get sick or trapped in emergency situations.

See your doctor before traveling. Check with your doctor regarding you health status and other health concerns to know if it is safe for you to travel. One of the most important travel and vacation safety that you need to know are the recommended vaccines to avoid illnesses abroad.

Take care of your health while traveling. Practice travel and vacation safety to avoid accidents and getting sick while traveling. To avoid insect bites and diseases associated with insect bites like malaria, use insect repellent and wear clothing that will protect you from insect bites. Be careful about food and water to avoid stomach problems and other illnesses. Wash your hands often with soap and water or use alcohol based hand gel. If you need to drive, practice safe driving, wear seatbelt and do not drink and drive. During vacation activities and adventures, always wear safety gears and follow safety instructions.


Explore the Opportunities of Travel and Ticketing As a Home Based Business

The tourism sector thrives despite global price rise, environmental and social unrest. Therefore building a career in this line is certainly productive. However people today are more aware of the best deals available with regard to flights, accommodations, tours etc. The travel agent’s job has hence become more challenging in procuring the most feasible packages for their clients.

With the advent of the Computerized Reservations System (CRS), all what is needed is a PC with an internet connection to connect to any corner of the globe for coordinating tour operations. The success of a tour operator depends on the contacts he develops and the tie-up agreements he manages to acquire. An established travel agent can very well operate from home provided he/she is accessible to all travel intermediaries.

A safe way to operate would be to liaison with other’s in the same profession so that whenever opportunities come up, they can be alerted and a share in profits earned. A travel agent has the advantage of being rewarded with excellent offers from airlines and hotels wherein they get free tickets to exotic locations and accommodation in the most luxurious of hotels and resorts. These offers are mainly based on the business they contribute to these corporations.

A travel professional can safely operate from home if he has built up enough corporate and individual accounts that get all their ticketing and related formalities done with him. This ensures a steady flow of income and there’s no money lost on paying rents for office spaces taken in the heart of the city. A prerequisite for this profession however is a certified degree from any recognized travel and tourism school.

Anyone wishing to operate from home can look out for contracts with big tour operators who will provide them with all the necessary paraphernalia required for a travel agency. Training classes will also be provided along with audio and video training CD’s and manuals. Such agents can enjoy the superior buying power of these big corporations and commissions will also be on a higher scale.

The tourism industry which is the largest in the world has still more untapped areas to explore. One such is the cruise sector which is constantly on the lookout for more passengers. With people willing to spend more and experience new areas of the travel field, convincing them to take an exotic cruise is no more a big deal. You can start with your own family members, relatives, friends and people in the neighborhood and remember that whoever you meet could be a potential client.

A travel agent operating from home has the advantage of working at flexible working hours. This is quite an interesting profession for those who are eager to learn about different cultures, people and geographical locations. Dedicated travel personnel are always on the lookout for unexplored destinations to present to their more daring clients who have a taste for adventure.

A point to be noted is that customers may have expectations of 24 hour support from a travel agent working from home and therefore should rise up to such responsibility.

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